Hello OASERVIC members and other Ohio OCA counselors,

Thank you for your patience during this time of uncertainty. As Ohio continues to provide updates, we will continue to adjust to best serve Ohio counselors. 

OASERVIC was hosting a workshop on spiritual and ethical best practices on March 21, 2020. We wanted to let you know that this workshop is being postponed and will be held on May 2, 2020 via Zoom (no in person meeting is scheduled at this time). If the COVID-19 threat has passed by then, we will provide an in-person and Zoom option on that same date.

For those individuals who have already registered, please email our past-president directly (kgamby@malone.edu) if you would like to port your registration to the new date or if you would like a refund and we will make sure to respond as quickly as we are able.

OASERVIC's Open and Affirming Statement (2020)

The Ohio Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling (OASERVIC) recognizes the historical context of negative attitudes by some religious and spiritual institutions. Therefore, OASERVIC seeks to make all programs and operations provided by the organization a safe space that affirms and celebrates LGBTGEQIAP+ identities as healthy, valid, and fully human. 

Ohio Resources for Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM)

OASERVIC aims for Ohio counselors to better understand alternative medicine use often pursued by our clients, as well as fulfilling social justice and multicultural competency gaps for holistic practice and referrals. Click here to be directed to the page of resources, where you can download a PDF version. If you or someone you know is provides a CAM, please email us and let us know!

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Greetings and Vision for OASERVIC

President's Message

Welcome to and thank you for visiting the Ohio Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Spiritual Issues in Counseling (OASERVIC) website, a leading division of the Ohio Counseling Association (OCA) and chapter of the national ASERVIC. I am honored to serve as president for this year and have the pleasure of working with a number of dedicated professionals to provide members a number of benefits. This year’s vision for OASERVIC is to promote “Best Ethical Practices” across the state for all counselors. Similar to Dr. Craig Cashwell’s article highlighting the meaningful presence of the “E” when deciding the name for national ASERVIC, our board wanted to identify ways to promote ethics in a more practical way. Ethics as a concept is often abstract and becomes difficult to promote beyond helpful ways to “not break the law.” Therefore, our board wanted to investigate the very foundations of ethical phenomenon to get at the practical application. 

Rollo May’s quote from his book The Courage to Create highlights this desire to investigate deeper meanings and to have the courage to give reality to the values counselors and clients hold dear. The hope of this board is for counselors to have the competency to work with clients who hold diverse religious, spiritual, and ethical values and have the courage to understand and navigate their own. Often ethical concerns grow out of places where non-dominate or marginalized groups hold values incongruent with dominant perspectives and our forced to either assimilate these perspectives or face internal or external stress. Counselors can advocate for this exploration in the mutually co-constructed space of the therapeutic relationship to promote client welfare through the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion and have the courage to explore alternative perspectives with curiosity and without judgement. 

If you have any questions, want to get involved, or want to learn more about the plan for this year then please contact ohioaservic@gmail.com so that we can learn from you. 

Be well,
Michael Desposito, M.A., LPC (OH)


Mission & Affiliation


Professional Counselors are confronted with events and discoveries that challenge our spiritual, ethical, and religious values. The mission of the Ohio Association for Spiritual, Ethical, & Religious Values in Counseling (OASERVIC) is to provide a forum for informed and thoughtful consideration of these issues and how they affect counselor education, the counseling profession and the client-counselor relationship.   

OASERVIC seeks to create an association which empowers and enables the expression, exploration, development, and research involving spiritual, ethical, and religious value dimensions as they relate to the person, to society, and to the profession of counseling.    

OASERVIC is one of the largest divisions of the Ohio Counseling Association.


OASERVIC is a state branch of the national Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Issues in Counseling ([ASERVIC] which is a division of the American Counseling Association [ACA]), and a division of the Ohio Counseling Association (OCA). ASERVIC was chartered in 1974. OASERVIC was charted in 1996 and focused on the "SPIRIT" in the "Mind - Body - Spirit" process of counseling.  

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